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“As the Boys Head Coach of the 2018 207 Lacrosse Elite Travel Team, I’ve had the privilege of coaching Grayson for two summers and look forward to coaching him again with 207 Lacrosse. Grayson has been a lacrosse player for many years. He demonstrated his knowledge and love of the game at the Varsity level for Westbrook High School. As a freshman, Grayson was a standout Attackman. His stats were amazing as a freshman on the field, but the thing that stood out to me most about him, was his attitude and character. I first met Grayson the summer between his eighth grade and freshman year. He stood out to me among a very elite group of players from all areas of Maine. His ability to read the field and motivate his team was impressive. I knew great things were ahead of him when he entered high school. Grayson leads by example and carries such a contagious love of the game that his teammates can’t help but join him. He works constantly on the field to better each individual player’s game as well as the full team concept. His efforts have helped create a more positive and productive atmosphere on and around the lacrosse field. Grayson again tried out and made the elite travel team for 207 lacrosse for the next couple of years. I had the opportunity to coach him in the summer of 2016. Again, as an attackman, Grayson led our team in in both ability and leadership. We didn’t chose captains for the summer travel team, but if we did, I would have chosen Grayson. I have been coaching lacrosse for 14 years. I am the Head Varsity Coach at Freeport High School, Head 2018 Summer Travel Coach for 207 Lacrosse, and an Assistant Coach at St. Joseph’s College. I have seen a lot of players throughout the years and Grayson has always stood out to me as someone who will become an impact player at the next level. I believe Grayson exhibits many of the qualities that are essential for a college student. With his attitude, leadership, and work ethic, he will bring something to your campus that will spread in such a positive way. His character will take him extremely far, and with an addition of becoming a member of your College, there is not much this young man couldn’t accomplish.”

Geoffrey Arris
Head Coach – 207 Lacrosse & Freeport High School Varsity Lacrosse
Assistant Coach – St. Joseph’s College Lacrosse (ME)

“Grayson Post is the type of student-athlete who puts his school and team first. He is a very unselfish player, always doing what’s best for the team. He is a positive influence on his teammates. His skill and athleticism speak for themselves. Grayson’s drive and determination and passion for sports radiates the minute he steps onto the field.”

Vincent Aceto
Head Coach – Westbrook High School Varsity Soccer

“Grayson is a very dependable and strong referee. Due to his mature and responsible attitude, he was given upper level center ref assignments. These were similar traits I noticed while he was a student in my Secondary Mathematics I class. In short, he is someone that my younger refs and students could model themselves after and look up to.”

Greg Thornton
Educator – Westbrook High School
Ref Assignor – Westbrook Soccer League

“Grayson is a natural athlete who has taken his lacrosse game to the next level through hard work on his skill development. He is an unselfish player who also has a nose for the goal. He’s a multi-sport athlete, strong and tough, and a team leader.”

Pete Lyons
Head Coach – Westbrook High School Varsity Lacrosse

“Grayson is a natural athlete, extremely coachable, and a hard worker. There isn’t a better combination to have in a student athlete. He can take charge of an offense and lead any team. He has always been a pleasure to coach!”

Josh Plowman
Head Coach – Rocky Coast Lacrosse & Lake Region High School Varsity Lacrosse
Former Head Coach – Westbrook High School Varsity Lacrosse

“What struck me most about coaching Grayson was his ability to handle success, failure, praise and criticism. He is seldom too high or too low. Everything with him is a calculated choice. He chooses to make the right one. If he makes a mistake and a coach has a go at him, he looks at the situation as an opportunity to prove he won’t make the same mistake twice. When he is a key contributor to the success of the team and receives praise for his efforts, he looks at the situation as an opportunity to make himself and his teammates even better. These decisions are habits of good character. We all know the benefits of surrounding ourselves with people of good character.”

Greg Cavanaugh
Head Coach – Kennebunk High School Varsity Soccer
Former Head Coach – Westbrook High School Varsity Soccer

“In my experience working with Grayson Post, he’s been dedicated and hard-working. His work in the classroom was consistent, and he’s always worked hard on the athletic fields. He’s a talented soccer and lacrosse player, but he’s always looked for opportunities to improve. I highly recommend him as a student-athlete.”

John Morgan
Educator – Westbrook High School
Owner – Rosevelt Soccer Club

“Grayson is a very polite, hardworking young man, and follows direction very well. He is a pleasure to have as part of my team here at Duck Pond Variety.”

Josh Gelston
Owner – Duck Pond Variety & Starlite Catering